I remember being 7 and sitting in front our desktop computer in our small living room. I sat there, looking at a blank Microsoft word document and I had just finished watching Annie. I felt unsatisfied with how it had turned out and I wanted to write my own version, so I did. That was not the beginning. Prior to that, I had written countless stories and songs in my pink journals, and I would play the stories out with my dolls, transforming our living room into a film set. Times when I had broken down in tears and could not explain why; I would write a letter to my mother explaining what was wrong. She was the first person to recognize my ability and urged me to write a book that she would willingly publish. I never wrote that book.  Over a decade later, I still have not written that book.

My name is Olamide. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and I am currently a student of Law. I am also the executive editor of an e-platform for creatives called Lucid Lemons, you can find more of my work: http://www.lucidlemons.com/author/lamide-bello/

Writing has always been my escape, but more so, my identity. This blog is my awakening.


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