This Thing Called Love

It took me quite a while to come to terms with the theme of this month. Let’s just say I lack a bit of experience when it comes to love, relationships, heartbreak, and the rest. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the idea of love and believe that if the love is true and you let it bloom, you get to experience some of the most beautiful feelings in the world and you unlock some of life’s greatest treasures, which are mostly felt or found within the heart. Anyways, the point is I was stuck and had to enlist the help of my friends in writing this.  Why? Well, in every female clique, there’s that single friend… yeah, that’s me. So I get to suffer what I like to call the ‘single blues’ sometimes and let’s just say it’s the season.

‘What’s your definition of love?’ I asked, more like I dropped it like a bomb in the middle of a conversation, completely going off topic. I anticipated their replies but most of them grew shy and said nothing (please don’t ask me why). The few who were happy to share said this:

‘Love is when your heart beats for another.’

‘Love is when you find yourself wanting to spend every minute of every day right by his side.’

And my personal best,

‘Love is being able to take a shit while you facetime.’

That had me rolling. Obviously, my next question would be if they’ve ever been in love and everyone goes ghost. Only one brave sister steps up first and admits that she has and I asked how she knew?

‘We were guys first and everything just came naturally. I didn’t even notice when we started exchanging I love yous.’

And another goes,

‘I didn’t think I was, till we broke up and my heart couldn’t stop aching.’

Ding, ding, ding! We have another!

‘If I really like you, there’s no big deal in saying I love you. However, there’s only one guy I’ve ever told ‘I’m in love with you’ to. See the difference?’

And finally, someone goes

 ‘I doubt if anyone is really ‘in love’ at this stage.’ 

For some reason, we neither agreed nor disagreed with the final message, which is quite interesting because I think neither of us have found what we are looking for and even know what we are searching for but at the same time, no one wants to downplay what they’ve felt in the past. Love is very subjective and also a very delicate topic. Some people see it as the beginning of their happy ever after, while some believe it’s tragic. Others believe it doesn’t exist and it just gets complicated from there.

I could go on and talk about the beautiful tragedy called love because there’s really never a right time to love someone and it can come with a bit of inconvenience, but like I said, it’s really not one of those days. However, I would love to know your thoughts. What’s your definition of love? Does it exist? Have you ever been in love? Do you think there’s a right time to love, or rather, be in love? Any regrets? Do you think it’s tragic, beautiful or both? Let us know.


First published August 16, 2015 –


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