Last page of 2015

2015 tried to bring me down so many times. I was tempted to lose myself and I found myself retracting into a shell. I found out that I’m not as strong as I think  and this made every blow hurt ten times more. For a while, I was nothing more than a shadow of myself and isolation was my coping mechanism. I hit a great level of insecurity this year, which came out of nowhere because I was doing just fine. I’m working on myself and the most important thing to me is my happiness right now. So 2016 is all about me, myself and I.

In 2014, I hardly wrote anything and even if I did, I was never bold enough to share it with the world. This year I took that leap of faith and I started writing again. I found myself working with a group of creatives and that is basically the best gift from 2015. I started believing in myself and in my art once again. I started doubting myself less.

I promised to drop a short story on my blog this year and I apologize once more. Sadly, I didn’t finish the story on time (as usual). However, I finally finished the story this December – the second time I’m finishing a major story and It was a huge step for me. The story is called “Love Again,” which is  novelette about a damaged girl who tries to find solace in the arms of an old friend while battling her inner demons. The story is somewhat heartbreaking and I’ve attached an excerpt. I’m not really sure about what I want to do with the story, but if you would like to read the full thing, please let me know.

It was a great year but I’m glad to see it go. This chapter was long but thrilling. I was quite adventurous this year and I loved it. I tried new things and went to new places. I become aware of certain issues and I tried to get involved. This year, I came out of my shell just as much as I cowered in it. So if I could summarize 2015 into one word, it would be ‘eventful’. I wanted this year to be interesting and that is exactly what I got. It was an emotional rollercoaster and I’ve grown in some ways, but I’m more aware of certain flaws.

That’s it, guys! Happy New Year! Stay safe and I hope 2016 will be good to us.


Enjoy – Love Again excerpt



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