Last page of 2015

2015 tried to bring me down so many times. I was tempted to lose myself and I found myself retracting into a shell. I found out that I’m not as strong as I think  and this made every blow hurt ten times more. For a while, I was nothing more than a shadow of myself […]

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Rape stigma is a conversation long worn out, but just like feminism, people still don’t get the picture. I’ve written on this before ( read it here ) and I am not going to go into the basics of what constitutes rape and the extent of consent because Priceless Wilkie already did a great job (RAPE […]

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Race Against Time

The air was dry and still. Esosa could feel the back of her throat go dry, itching with thirst. Sweat dotted her forehead and heat prickled at the nape of her neck. The sun beat down furiously and she wondered if it was aggravated from the world’s sins or just the gravity of hers alone. […]

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Tap. Tap. Tap It had begun. She could hear the footsteps down the hall. She panicked, eyes searching the room frantically. Should she hide underneath the bed? Should she jump out the window? Please, not another night. She doubts her body could take any more. Tap, tap, tap. It was louder, closer and she felt the […]

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Johnny Just Come To Lagos

Welcome to Lagos: the city where dreams come to die, the land flowing with milk and honey where the majority are famished and impoverished. Welcome to the centre of excellence- a city clothed and disguised in hype and overpopulation, forever basking in glorified mediocrity.

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Another Short story of mine first published on September 27, 2015…Enjoy xx     It was well past midnight. A silent hour. They could hear the crickets chirping in the bushes and they felt the cool night breeze brush the sweaty surface of their naked bodies. They were entangled, sprawled out on a mat cushioned […]

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