Muhammadu Buhari – Nigeria’s New Dawn

Oh arise compatriots because it truly is a brand new day.

The 2015 presidential election is definitely something for the books. Motherland is finally on its way to achieving true democracy with the successful completion of what is said to be a free and fair election. Also, President Jonathan showed Africa that the hold on to power is not a do-or -die affair. He accepted defeat and conceded despite being the first president to be voted out of office and such actions are a reflection of what democracy is all about;  that power does belong to the people. Professor Attahiru Jega, the honourable chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)  pulled off what is in my opinion the most transparent electoral process in Nigeria despite being at the forefront of potential danger and several allegations, he stayed calm through it all, never for once succumbing to pressure from both sides. In my opinion, he is the hero of this entire period. Obviously the commission still has many flaws but this is just the beginning and for the first time I get to say Nigeria is on its way. Nigeria is on a journey and is no longer standing in one spot afraid to move forward because its scared of what the future holds but finally we are moving forward, I honestly don’t know where life is going to take us to or how far we are going to go but one thing is for sure, we are moving, change is truly inevitable and its been long-awaited.

Nigerians rejoicing after the General's victory.
Nigerians rejoicing after the General’s victory.

Now moving on to the man of the year, I would like to say a few things about the people’s general.





Your story is truly one to admire because you are the definition of perseverance  and true patriotism. You are the new face of hope! You never gave up on this country even when it long gave up on you. You persevered, you fought, you lost, you got knocked down, mocked but then you always rallied your troops and fought again and again, every time coming back harder than the last  with nothing but a dream in mind and now we are here, 12 years later, you are where you knew you would end up being. Now I understand why you kept coming back, you had a dream that only the brave could ever chase and I respect that. I only hope that you don’t disappoint us but you finally put this nation on the right track. It’s quite a lot of work, it’s not going to be done in the blink of an eye and it definitely won’t be achieved in your time. All you have to do is put us on the right track, set the pace and give us a destination to know what we are working towards to rather than be a bench-warmer like your predecessors.


You sold a dream to over 15 million people and it is not one that will easily be forgotten. Nigeria is at that stage where people are frustrated and are aware more than ever of how much power they hold, so if I were you, I would not want to disappoint these people because your political future is in the hands of the common man. So please Don’t forget that General. People say you were an oppressive ruler, I don’t know how true this is but the last time you were in power, it was through a coup. That was a military regime where the constitution is suspended and powers could go unchecked. However, now you are in a civilian regime where the rule of law is supreme and if you are a reformed democrat like you claim to be, you should have no trouble doing the right things the right way because you will be held accountable to the electorate


Mind you, we definitely have not achieved true democracy as there were reports of malpractices in some areas. However, I tend to blame the system and the people for this rather than politicians. There were flaws in the process and this frustrated many Nigerians (my heart goes out to you all) but for those who never tried, I weep. You sit at home anxiously waiting for it to be over because you’re either scared or busy. This makes it so easy for elections to be rigged because if a lot of people turned out and we had a lot of witnesses, it would make it slightly harder for people to get away with injustices. Also, I don’t see how people in danger zones in the North can come out to vote with impressive turn outs and people in low-risk areas have low turn out numbers because they are scared of electoral violence. Those who are willing to face danger are the real MVPs because they are the ones truly seeking change. People tend to think small and only think of themselves when they really don’t have much to lose in terms of what is in the common interest. This is wrong because whilst you are safe and comfortable, your fellow Nigerians go to bed with one eye open unsure if they would live to see the next day and scared of what/whom will be taken from them next. They go to bed unsure of if tomorrow, they would be sleeping under that same roof or running to another town to seek refuge. Whilst you really can’t do much but pray for them every other day, the time came for you to actually do something and that’s by voting for who you think will do best at ensuring their safety on your behalf, but no, we tend to be selfish and look the other way.

Don’t get me wrong but I am truly grateful to those who actively participated in the process. You are the unsung heroes and I pray you get what you fought for. Social media played a huge role in this and for the first time Nigerians are united in fighting for the same cause (asides from when it comes to slandering non-Nigerians) on social media. This period has truly opened my eyes and for the first time ever, I am proud to be a Nigerian and I am proud of my fellow countrymen. This truly is our new dawn.


P.S. Our new president is dope =))


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