I wish I knew then what I know now

About four years ago, I began this motto of no regrets, which I stood by for a long time, but now I’m not so sure. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how different my life could have been IF I had/hadn’t done something. The word “IF” seems to be dangling over my head now and it’s irritating because it’s making me regret some of my life choices. Don’t get me wrong but I like my life now but that word “IF” makes me question a lot of things. Some of them I guess would make a lot of sense and some of them might have made my today different. Anyway, these are a list of things I wish I knew four years ago.

1.) GO EASY ON THE JUNK FOOD AND SODA!!! – I am seriously paying for it now and perhaps if I had told myself this while I was stuffing those pastries then I probably would love myself more today.

2.) Everything in life is a choice – you can choose to be selfish sometimes and live happier or you can choose to be a people pleaser at the expense of your own happiness. Never feel like you’re obligated to please anyone.

3.) The truth is ugly and often sugar coated; start listening to what people aren’t telling you and be honest with yourself 110% of the time.

4.) You’re the only one who knows how to do you best. Accept who you are, your strengths and your flaws and don’t you ever be afraid to get called out for who you are.

5.) Only 1/8th of that precious circle of yours remains today and the sooner you realise who you shouldn’t be wasting your time and energy on, the sooner you’ll move on with your life.

6.) Everything you dreamt about is overrated. Reality sucks but it’s a good wake up call.

7.) The sooner you become aware of what you can achieve, how much inner strength and power you possess and what your self-worth is, the more goals you’ll be able to achieve.

8.) Never ever lower your standards or compromise yourself for anyone, no matter how green the grass may look. Your self-worth is most precious.

9.) Self-control is key.

10.) You forgive easily which is good but don’t be so quick to forget about the bruises. The easier it is for you to remember the pain, the more cautious you’ll be. Saves you a lot of time from fighting the same battles.

11.) Be proud of every scar you get (physically and emotionally). It is a constant reminder of your survival. No matter what you face in life – with faith and perseverance, you’ll make it through. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, you’re a survivor. Everything works out for good in the end, if it’s not good, it isn’t the end.

12.) Always be thankful.


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