Redefining Romance.


Well it has been a while, almost a year actually and I apologise. Needed to focus on my goals and i think i can say i am in a good place right now. Hopefully, it isn’t short lived.

So who remembers  Mills and Boon? I only read a few of their books which I got from an Aunt but with the horrified look female teachers wore on their faces when they caught you with one, I assumed it wasn’t something to be proud of. I also remember how every other romance book seemed to have a picture of some buff-looking guy with windswept long hair, first few buttons of his shirt open to reveal how fit he was and some curvy girl in his arms looking like she’s about to pass out or in awe of the man holding onto her. She always seemed so weak and fragile and the guy was like her rock. I can understand why feminists find that degrading because that picture alone portrays traditional beliefs; A woman isn’t complete without a man.

I am trying not to contradict myself here because I am a die hard romantic and perhaps modern romance has greatly influenced this. I mean who reads about fictional characters like Christian Grey and Gideon Cross and does not get excited about the prospect that by some form of miracle someone who happens to look incredibly good in a suit, has an impeccable taste in ties, owns a helicopter he calls Charlie tango, has a chauffeur to cater to your every need, unbelievably handsome and the best part! he’s attracted to you! falls from the sky and lands in your arms. I don’t know about you but I will take that any day, any time to some long haired man with a creepy smile.

Perhaps, modern day romance hasn’t changed that much. The man is still some form of demigod and all writers portray the girl as ordinary. To be honest, that is the best way to sell books. Not every girl on this earth was born insanely beautiful, but I think its time we acknowledge not all guys in this world are born multibillionaires and handsome. If the girl isn’t ordinary, perhaps like Eva Tramell, who is beautiful, attractive and Rich, many of us would get offended because she isn’t relatable like Anastasia Steele. There’s this thing when it comes to defining romance that we can’t seem to get rid off. No matter how tacky, corny or cliche it gets, So so many of us still crave that before we face reality.

Now, when it comes to redefining romance, in my opinion, we should allow unhappy endings. So many women have encountered deep, passionate, ground-shaking, heart-throbbing love but thats not who they spend the rest of their lives with. Also, why is it sex-crazed? I mean the Crossfire series is amazing but It got irritating when every single solution was sex. Its not reality. I understand romance was made to give bored housewives something to fantasise about but I’m still searching for the imperfect love story with a perfect unhappy ending like titanic and Romeo and Juliet (in my opinion, still the greatest love stories of all time). I like billionaires and I like suits, I am over long hair, pirates, best friends or contractors. But right now, I’m searching for something a little bit closer to home since it seems like every writer follows the same trend.


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