The struggle

I went through my previous blog and I found one post that I can’t emphasise enough and I’ve decided to repost it on here. So, enjoy :).

“I am flipping tired of social climbers. The struggle keeps getting worse and … honestly, I don’t know anymore. Over the years, our society has developed a system I like to call A.B.C.D.
“A”class are the trendsetters. Well every society needs this. these are the popular group from our high school days who just happen to be on top and you can’t really explain this. They set the pace for most, they can’t be in the crowd because they are leading the crowd. They stand out, always.
B class are the wanna be’s , followers and the yes men. there’s a huge difference between the followers and the social climbers. The followers are like puppies who follow their master (the trendsetter) around and hang on to their every word. They’re the yes men. At the end of the day, they blend in with the clique. They are still on their journey of self-discovery and therefore, look up to the almighty trendsetter. But the difference between the A and B class is that the trendsetter doesn’t try too hard. They are the alphas without breaking a nail.
C class are the social climbers.they are the most piteous group. They build their entire life on lies. They see these trendsetters as the omega and envy them. They despise them but why do they try so hard to please them?. They claim they have the same resources but are downright broke. They go with the wind and are two-faced idiots who are insecure and unsatisfied with what they have. They do not look beyond the surface, quite shallow and illogical beings. For instance, K’s against M, to the outside world, they are against M too in order to please K but secretly, they’re licking M’s ass. they’re fake, pathological liars. they attract the most drama. They hustle to get into v.i.p and then look out of place. they borrow to fit in and then they get swallowed in their own debt all because they’re trying to impress people they don’t like. if not, they lie or buy a downgraded version of the item. They feel they have to be with a specific someone to get recognized… bitch please, no one cares about you hoe. If its socially acceptable to do drugs, they engage in it. Little do they know that these ‘big’ guys have more to them than we realize. You don’t stop to think and you’ve thrown your life away with a sniff. You don’t have to lie. No one’s going to kill you because you haven’t been to London or own a designer hand bag. Please tend to your brain before it dies of neglect.
We all know a social climber. You can sniff them from a mile away. and can someone please tell them no one believes their lies, so they can cut it out now. They’re more concerned about their status than school, family or a career. They don’t care who they have to push aside and how many lines they have to cross as long as they make the Alpha class. Dearie, everyone knows you are the complete opposite. How to know a social climber?

– They’re stupid, irrational,paranoid and edgy.
– Usually tacky
– you can tell from when they speak how unintelligent they are. A girl is trying to form fashion guru and pronounces Gucci as Gussi, Chanel as Channel or the worst, Dolce and Gabbana as Dols and gabbana. Yup, I think its time for you to run at that point.
– they have no ‘friends’. friends in the sense they’ll actually knock some sense into you. They jump into conclusions and push everyone aside.
-Empty barrels make the loudest noise? they are at the forefront of every drama.
– it’s all about status but they are determined. They have to fit in even if they have to lie, steal or kill for it.

The last but not the least, the D class are the observers. I actually love this class honestly because all they do is sit back, watch and laugh.They gauge it all and LOL. They know everything and could be in the limelight; Heck! who has time for that when you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Honestly, my point is you don’t have to talk shit to try and impress people. what is impressive is being yourself and doing something you love rather than chase the glitz and glam. I’m sorry if i came off a bit vulgar but sometimes I think I’m the only one who has sense in this shallow world.”


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