Graduation week

September 19th, 2007. I remember it because it was exactly five months from my tenth birthday. At that age, everything mattered so don’t judge me 🙂 . That was orientation and I was late. It was a terrible start to a terrible year. On arrival, I clashed with a senior, she was really pretty and was the social prefect. She told me my earrings were too big and recognised me as the girl who’d curtsied to greet her a few months ago. She instantly made me her “school daughter”. The school frightened me to be honest. I think it rained that period and it was all muddy, broken glass bottles everywhere and the teachers looked bitter.
First year was horrid but I’m so glad it happened. I probably figured it was best since it got rid of my brattiness, nasty attitude and kiss ass personality but it also laid the foundation of all my insecurities till today. Do I regret a thing? Friends who became enemies who became friends again and were the only reason why every day of your life was miserable? No, I don’t actually. I learned a lot.
Second year was nothing to write home about. Okay I was silly, but was it stupid that I only became friends with someone cos I had a crush on their boyfriend?! I think my most embarrassing moments were in that year. Like the time I met my brother because I’d misplaced my money and he waved me off and shut me down in front of my friends. It was quite hurtful.
Third year, I discovered the world of boys. I had become so obsessed with the “my diary” series and twilight series. I obviously didn’t dare relate with boys. I found out a lot that year and I became quite self conscious.
Trying not to go into details, senior school started with an F! Further math? Ghad! I hated that subject. I was practically immature, obsessed with Justin Bieber and remixing songs. No wonder my first term report was whack. Scratch what I said about my third year, this was truly the year I discovered boys. I was a stalker oh my gosh but it wasn’t my fault though. My seniors at that time were definitely something to write home about. I remember being involved in a prank that had something to do with creating a fake account “Letisha Adebayo” who was supposedly my cousin in England and our seniors tried getting to know her. It was the sickest joke. We had stupid code names and oh my gosh. I was so emotional. That year I think I was over with the friendship cycle. In the past four years, I had managed to be involved in at least three cliques and my neutrality, not being fully involved in a clique cursed me a lot of drama in the following year. I really had been burned and just wanted to be where I wouldn’t be put down.
Following years…2011-2012. I would say where my most ground shaking. I don’t care what anyone says but I have truly seen it all. Don’t think I’d come across any drama, anything and I’d be shocked. In that short time, I had seen what it was for best friends to grow apart and that’s practically a nasty break up. I had seen a lot of people bring down others because of their own insecurities. At a point, we split into two camps and it was bitter and ugly. So ugly. I think if I could make it out with my sanity then I’m strong enough for anything. Final year! Whoooop! That was crazy! My wild year I can say. Not much to say but I got something out of it.
Basically my point is, it’s graduation week. It’s 12:39 am and I’m thinking about the last six years. I wouldn’t have changed a thing and there’s no other place I’d have been to. The school may be dirty, muddy, crowded, disorganised, unfair and silly but there’s no place I’d rather have been. I think I had the full experience and moved round. My commitment issues though 😢. Couldn’t stick with a clique for more than two years. I saw the good, I saw the bad, the wild and the ugly. I’ve probably been in all categories but if its one thing I’m going to take with me out of this, it’s knowing who you are, accepting who you are and not being afraid for being called out for who you are. Give everything and take nothing back. Trust me, no one is above it all, no one is as invincible as they seem. Every one has that crack, that weak spot and don’t ever let anyone make you feel less than what you are. Have a sense of humour, life would be so much easier if people got the joke or the silver lining quicker.
Well I leave you here for now, wish me Goodluck and oh, I don’t mind presents by the way. Anything will be fine, I don’t judge. Bless xx


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