Religion – is there really bad religion and good religion? My question. Why are we in such a haste to associate something or a calamity to a particular religion? Blame so much on a particular belief ? Compete with another religion or rather condemn another.
Do we practice religion so that we can prove our faith is better ? Is it an excuse to blame someone/something for everything going on in our life ? Was it created to make us shortsighted, ignorant and biased? Is It an excuse to rebel ? Destroy? Make money? .
Basically, I think it’s all politics now. Religion should be selfless, it should be about the general good, believing in something and someone so divine and having a particular pattern of life. Now it’s selfish and political, it’s about the money, fame and power. This is my opinion by the way (friendly reminder).
Christianity for instance, it’s a religion but it’s been broken down to so many branches, each at one another’s tail. It seems like a competition and it might be confusing with the various beliefs which should be subjected under one religion “Christianity” … Is it all about being called a Christian or being called a “catholic”, “redeemer”, “deeper life” ?. Is it about what church you go to ? Why does it feel like its a competition of domination.
I know of a man who moved from one church or rather one ministry to another. He moved once cos they didn’t pray as hard as he wanted them to . The prayers were not about killing his enemies he meant . He moved another time because the fasting was too much and his money was going Into candles and water and other church activities.he moved to where he saw most of the members were rich and at a point, he moved because he noticed the ministers all drove jeeps and mercedes, while the congregation consisted of low income earners . They seemed to be moving up but the people weren’t . He is indecisive but yet, i cant can’t deny that with each church, I began to see the difference in their beliefs.
Didn’t we all come together because we believed in One God and we wanted to be like him? My point is, does what church you go to matter or what you believe in?. Is it meant to be a warfare? All about eliminating demons and spirits of every calamity or problem known to man? And our enemies? Is someone always responsible for where we are? Like that demon of poverty? What if it is us just being lazy and hoping for money to come. What if these demons are us or we created them out of circumstance? .
I say this everyday, we practice too much religion but yet so little faith and love. We’ve created a war between religions. Some went extremist and decided to blame religion. In return, we put all our anger, pain and sorrow on them with no morals and it got us where? More extremists.
All I’m saying is religion is not an excuse or a reason to blame someone or something. All I’m asking is religion really what it should be? Has it lost its true meaning ? Or Am I just getting this wrong!?


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