Who is to blame?

The typical boy meets girl story -> She grew up all her life with the ideology that she should stay away  from guys until she meets the ‘one’ . Sadly, no one told her she would become blinded and meet several ‘ones’ until she meets the one. No one prepared her for the deceitful butterflies. No one told her at the end of the day she would retreat to a shell and close the world out at some point.

Who is this she? lets go to the typical heroine… She’s loyal, she’s beautiful in some way if not in every way. she’s honest and softhearted She’s fragile and sweet. she’s a rookie… always the rookie. Let’s meet the boy… bad boy or good boy? either way the story ends the same way. Girl meets boy and why is there always this instant connection? in some cases, its just not noticed at first. So they will hit it off. The girl will hopelessly like him and she will know the guy really has something for her. Because he will. He will tell her she’s different and it will be true. Everyone is steady floating on cloud nine for a couple of months because to him, she can do no wrong.. to her, he’s a demi god. they’re both in awe. She will trust him, trust him with everything… even her body and worse, her heart. They will have their moments. They will wallow in ecstasy and he will protect and care for her.

The plot thickens and then, something changes. No one is ever able to explain this change. The girl stays true to the end and is gullible to think its a ‘trial or rather a stormy period’ until she hears those cold words ‘I want to see other people’ . The guy goes through a withdrawal phase and i think its as a result of shock. He wakes up and realizes he’s in too deep, he’s too soft. He’s scared because he feels weak and open and he withdraws from her. He says little, communicates less… maybe one or two cutesy texts as a result of guilt. The girl always knows when its over but that little part of her, that part that still hopes overshadows the truth and she becomes insecure. Finally, she breaks and he cuts it off. In that moment, she’s confused…east becomes west and he goes from being her prized possession to her most despised loss.

Getting to my point now, who is to blame in this story? … the girl always says he changed and the guy always says she became to clingy. Let me define clingy – she finally gave you her heart and cares for you, cherishes you, will go through any length for you, just wants your happiness, she’s checking on you ten times a day because she’s obsessed. she’s jealous because she hates to think some other girl has your attention. So far, that’s how i’ve seen clingy but i’m not talking about the stalkerish ones. I understand the breathing space thing. Boys never admit this, If she ever mattered, you’ll miss someone checking up on you and trying to keep you organized, someone who reminds you of the things you ought not to forget but you do, someone who reminds you that the little things you do are appreciated. The girl is only to blame because she wants ‘more’. She secretly wants the full scale fairytale romance she grew up believing in… she will never admit this but that’s why her heart is broken.. because she hoped for more. The guy is to blame because they do get way ahead of themselves and feel some kind of pressure they cannot live up to. Obviously, reasons differ. this is based on my typical story of boy meets girl. Honestly, I blame the hype… i blame the expectations… sometimes its overrated and sometimes its downplayed. it varies..Maybe, no one is to blame after all… just the forces surrounding them all.


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