Pain. its defined as a distressed emotion. I don’t know what to make of pain. When i think of pain… I think of sadness, loneliness, failure, blood, tears. I think of sorrow and loss. i think of shame and disappointment. What is pain to you? When i think of pain, I imagine that paper cut or that common mishap in the kitchen.I imagine that broken heart and losing someone dear to you. I imagine hitting your little toe … I imagine a lot of things but what comes to mind most is love.

Love is pain. excruciating pain to be exact. You can not know love without knowing pain. The worst part is it goes on. You will get in too deep that you can’t think of giving any of it up. You will have to bear it . it never ends. You may lose the one you love but that void causes worse pain. There’s a thin line between pleasure and pain, explains why love is forever a constant battle… explains why love is a constant dilemma of choosing which side to go to. Love knows not full pleasure nor pain. One day its cloud nine and the next its a train wreck in hell.


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