Religion – is there really bad religion and good religion? My question. Why are we in such a haste to associate something or a calamity to a particular religion? Blame so much on a particular belief ? Compete with another religion or rather condemn another. Do we practice religion so that we can prove our […]

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Who is to blame?

The typical boy meets girl story -> She grew up all her life with the ideology that she should stay away¬† from guys until she meets the ‘one’ . Sadly, no one told her she would become blinded and meet several ‘ones’ until she meets the one. No one prepared her for the deceitful butterflies. […]

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Pain. its defined as a distressed emotion. I don’t know what to make of pain. When i think of pain… I think of sadness, loneliness, failure, blood, tears. I think of sorrow and loss. i think of shame and disappointment. What is pain to you? When i think of pain, I imagine that paper cut […]

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